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v.8 no.3 (Winter 2007)

Developing a Web-Based Evaluation Tool for Purchasing Electronic Resources: A Librarian-Faculty-Student Partnership

Peter Linberger, Lori Jean Fielding and Frank J. Bove

Scrutinizing Cataloging Copy

Julie Banks

A Faculty Led Response to the Crisis in Scholarly Communications

Michael H. Boock

What Students Do When They Study in the Library: Using Ethnographic Methods to Observe Student Behavior

Doug Suarez

Marketing of Information Services and Products in University Libraries of Punjab and Chandigarh (India): An Exploratory Study

Amritpal Kaur and Sarita Rani

v.8 no.2 (Summer 2007)

Reaching Students with Facebook: Data and Best Practices

Daniel Mack, Anne Behler, Beth Roberts and Emily Rimland

Teaching and Supporting EndNote at The University of Tennessee: Designing Online Alternatives to High Demand Classes

Teresa B. Walker, Jane S. Row and Travis Dolence

Librarianship and the Fulbright Fellowship: Challenges and Opportunities for American Librarians and Polish Libraries

Maria Anna Jankowska

Reaching Out to Off-Campus Students via BlackboardTM: A Consortial Library’s Experience

Niyati P. Pandya

Evidence-Based Anything: Priorities for Librarians

T. P. Hutchinson and A. J. Meier

Self-Efficacy and Use of Electronic Information as Predictors of Academic Performance

Adeyinka Tella, Adedeji Tella, C. O. Ayeni and R. O. Omoba

Knowledge Management in Health Science Libraries

Mayank Trivedi

v.8 no.1 (Spring 2007)

Multiple Roles of Academic Librarians

Justine Alsop and Karen Bordonaro

Looking for a Link: Comparing Faculty Citations Pre and Post Big Deals

Donald Taylor

Garbage In, Garbage Out: The Effect of Library Instruction on the Quality of Studentsí Term Papers

Susan Hurst and Joseph Leonard

Impact of Information Technology Innovations on Resources and Services of Management Institute Libraries in Mumbai: A Librariansí Approach

Satish Kanamadi and B. D. Kumbar


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