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E-JASL is an independent, professional, refereed electronic journal dedicated first and foremost to advancing knowledge and research in the areas of academic and special librarianship. We are committed to covering all aspects of academic and special librarianship without regard to region or country.

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 Published and distributed by the International Consortium for the Advancement of Academic Publication (ICAAP), Athabasca, Canada

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v.3 no.1-2 (Winter 2002)

Technology, Libraries and the Internet: A Comparison of the Impact of the Printing Press and the World Wide Web

Gentry Lankewicz Holbert

GNOSIS II: A Library Tutorial for Undergraduate Students

Elvira Saurina Solanes and Alicia Gaete

Prospero Power: Web-based Document Delivery Allowing Libraries to Exchange Documents Through Interlibrary Loan

Gentry Lankewicz Holbert, Ellen N. Sayed and Sarah D. Murray

The English-Speaking Librarians' Club of the Ukrainian Library Association

G. Jaia Barrett and Janet Dolya

Trends in the Job Market for Librarians: 1985-2000

Kelly Blessinger

v.3 no.3 (Summer 2002)

The Development of the China Digital Library

Yang Guihua and Zhang Tong

Instituting Blended Learning at a Small College: A Library Director’s Perspective

Odin L. Jurkowski

The Coverage and Duplication of Journals in Cambridge Scientific Abstracts (CSA): Bioengineering Database and other Science and Engineering Databases

Lutishoor Salisbury and Emilio Noguera

Challenges, Strategies, and Tools for Research Scientists: Using Web-Based Information Resources

Danielle Bodrero Hoggan


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