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E-JASL is an independent, professional, refereed electronic journal dedicated first and foremost to advancing knowledge and research in the areas of academic and special librarianship. We are committed to covering all aspects of academic and special librarianship without regard to region or country.

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 Published and distributed by the International Consortium for the Advancement of Academic Publication (ICAAP), Athabasca, Canada

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v.4 no.1 (Winter 2003)

Usability Testing at Florida International University Libraries: What We Learned

Sarah J. Hammill

Digitization in an Archival Environment

Sally McKay

v.4 no.2-3 (Fall 2003)

Digital Reference Evaluation: Assessing the Past to Plan for the Future

J B Hill, Cherie Madarash-Hill, and Ngoc Pham Thi Bich

Paper Use and Recycling in Academic Libraries

Michele Calloway and Daren Callahan

Usability of E-journals and Preference for the Virtual Periodicals Room: a Survey of Mathematics Faculty and Graduate Students

Lutishoor Salisbury and Emilio Noguera

Document Delivery: An Analysis

Jeff Luzius

Bibliographic Instruction: Two Models Converging in a Common Goal

Stephen J. Shaw

An Often-Tumultuous Saga of Books and Book-Places in the World: A Review

Dayne Sherman


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