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v.10 no.3 (Winter 2009)

Increasing Retention Rates in Minority Librarians Through Mentoring

Antonia Olivas and Richard Ma

Preparing Global Citizens: Librarians Connect Students with a Learning Service Opportunity in Nicaragua

Lily G. Griner and Patricia J. Herron

The Indexing of Scholarly Open Access Business Journals

Katharine Ball

You Can Take It With You? Student Library Employees, ePortfolios, and “Edentity” Construction

Gabriella Reznowski and Brian McManus

Women Librarians in Nigerian Universities: Their Status, Occupational Characteristics, and Development

Chinwe M.T. Nwezeh

The Role of the Library and Information Science Professionals As Managers: A Comparative Analysis

Parvez Ahmad and Mohd Yaseen

Jumping onto the Bandwagon: New Librarians Navigating the Science/Technology Librarianship

Nedelina Tchangalova

v.10 no.2 (Summer 2009)

If You Build It They May Not Come: The Case of QuestionPoint

Lynette Ralph

Ageism in Academic Librarianship

Melanie Chu

Permanent Electronic Access to Government Information: A Study of Federal, State, and Local Documents

Claudene Sproles and Angel Clemons

Overhauling of a Science Library Web Area

Daniel S. Dotson

Using a Permanent Usability Team to Advance User-Centered Design in Libraries

Jane Nichols, Alison M. Bobal and Susan McEvoy

E-State Practices in Turkey: Evaluation of Governmental Web Sites

Feryal Turan and Özlem Bayram

Embedding an IM Widget in Research Databases: Helping Users at their Point-of-Need

Kwabena Sekyere

Open House in the Ivory Tower: Public Programming at an Academic Library

Rochelle Smith, Ben Hunter and Gail Z. Eckwright

v.10 no.1 (Spring 2009)

Learning 2.0: A Tool for Staff Training at the University of Alaska Fairbanks Rasmuson Library

Ilana Kingsley and Karen Jensen

Vodcasting, iTunes U, and Faculty Collaboration

Jason Paul Michel, Susan Hurst and Andrew Revelle

An Empirical Study on Follow-up Library Instruction Sessions in the Classroom

Xiaomei Gong and Mary Kay Loomis

Speaking of Books… Connecting with Faculty through a Campus Author Series

Timothy Hackman

Gresham’s Law in the 21st Century

Joshua Finnell

The Delivery of Library Materials to End Users: Taiwanese Libraries Address Special Information Needs

Chao-chen Chen and I-Hsiu Wu

Use and Impact of E-Resources at Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University (India): A Case Study

Chetan Sharma


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