Journal of Southern Academic and Special Librarianship (1999)

ISSN: 1525-321X

Drug, Pharmaceutical, and Pharmacy-Related Sites:
A Webliography of Core Sites

Paul G Haschak
Southeastern Louisiana University

The World Wide Web (WWW) increasingly is becoming an important learning, teaching, and research tool for teachers and students, alike, who are seeking useful drug, pharmaceutical, and pharmacy-related sites on the Web, for their research. However, the seemingly inexhaustible number of WWW links can be daunting even to the most experienced Web user.

The following is presented specifically for educators and students seeking a concise, annotated core list of WWW links on pharmaceutical, drug, and pharmacy-related topics:

American Association of College Pharmacy. AACP news, bulletins, and news releases. Also links to U.S. schools of pharmacy, to a world list of pharmacy schools, and to professional associations and organizations. WWW Access:

Antibiotic Guide. Antimicrobial Use Guidelines, 8th Edition, is a hypertext antibiotic guide. Search alphabetically by drug, by class, by organism, by empiric therapy by site, or by anti microbial treatment of HIV infected patient. Topics in the appendices include prevention of bacterial endo-carditis, pediatric dosing with cost per day, intra-peritoneal drug administration, surgical prophylaxis, and initial therapy for tuberculosis in the era of multi-drug resistance. WWW Access:

ChemFinder. A chemical search engine. “Enter a chemical name, CAS number, molecular formula, or molecular weight.” WWW Access:

Chemical Trials. “Clinical Trials Listing Service.”TM Information related to clinical trials. Includes “Patient Resources” and “Industry Professional Resources.” WWW Access:

DoseCalc Online. Online program “to assist U.S. oncology healthcare professionals in calculating individual patient doses for oncology regimes.” More than 120 standard, referenced oncology regimes. WWW Access:

Drug InfoNet. Information and links on healthcare and pharmaceutical-related topics. Official Package Inserts and Patient Package Inserts provide information on pharmaceuticals--from the pharmaceutical manufacturers--by brand or generic name. Also, has “individual disease descriptions, articles, news, and support groups and links.” WWW Access:

Drug Topics. Online news magazine for pharmacists. Features include news flashes, new products, cover stories, articles, and links. WWW Access:

Eurdanet. Network services for the European Union Pharmacy Regulatory Sector. Access EMEA, the European agency, for the evaluation of medicinal products. WWW Access:

General Drug Resources for the Consumer. Links from The Mining Co. Guide for Pharmacology. WWW Access:

General Drug Resources for the Professional. More links from The Mining Co Guide for Pharmacology. WWW Access:

Glaxo Wellcome. News, healthcare, science. “Useful and informative.” WWW Access:

Health A to Z. Internet navigational tool and information resource in health and medicine. WWW Access:

HealthGuide. Check out their pharmacy section. WWW Access:

HealthTouch. Discover drug information, a pharmacy search, a health resource directory, health information, and product information. WWW Access:

HEALTHWEB. Hot links! WWW Access:

Internet Self-Assessment in Pharmacology. Source of drug information. WWW Access:

Johns Hopkins InteliHEALTH. News, links to organizations, drugs and health information. Features quick health search and their more detailed “targeted search, which includes MEDLINE.” WWW Access:

Mayo PharmaCenter. “Daily news on diseases, treatment, drugs, diet, etc.” WWW Access:

MCW & FMLH Drug Formulary. Medical College of Medicine. Search Drug Formulary by entering a brand or generic name. WWW Access:

Medicine Net. Departments include diseases & treatment (A to Z index), pharmacy drugs (A to Z index), medical dictionary, first aid emergencies, poison control centers, medical news archives, and health fact archives. WWW Access:

Merck. Links to news, products, publications, including searchable online versions of The Merck Manual of Medical Information and The Merck Manual of Diagnosis and Therapy. WWW Access:

OnHealth. First, click on “Resources,” then click on “USP Drug Database.” WWW Access:

Online Medical & Pharmacy Journals. Links to journals. WWW Access:

PDR Page. Drug profiles. WWW Access:

Pharmacy Times. Online magazine for pharmacists. “Leads the way on pharmacy issues.” Also, supplies links to informational sources. WWW Access:

PharmaInfoNet. Latest news on drugs and health. Has a generic name database and a trade name database. Includes a pharmaceutical manufacturer's directory. Check out their HomePage. WWW Access:

PharmWeb. Their mission is to serve the patient and the health professional. Contains information and links, including patient information on the use of drugs and medicine. The PharmSearch database and the PharmWeb discussion forum are searchable. WWW Access:

PhRMA. Find out about drugs in development, industry facts and figures, etc. WWW Access:

Poisons--Agency for Toxic Substances & Disease Registry. Toxic substances information. ATSDR is an agency of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. This site includes health advisories & alerts. Search the HazDat (hazardous substance release/health effects database). WWW Access:

Poisons Information. Informational database. WWW Access:

RxList. Search by drug name. Find actions, interactions, and brands. WWW Access:

Street Terms for Drugs. Searchable online dictionary of street drug slang. WWW Access:

U.S. Food & Drug Administration. Drug information direct from the FDA. WWW Access:

U.S. Pharmacist. Online version of the professional journal. WWW Access:

U.S. Pharmacopeia. Drug, nutritional, and therapeutics information for healthcare professionals and patients. WWW Access:

Virtual Drug Store. “Your one-stop reference guide to the latest in pharmaceuticals.” WWW Access:

Virtual Library Pharmacy. Search the Virtual Library Pharmacy pages. WWW Access:

Virtual Pharmacy Center. An extensive list of links! WWW Access:

World Wide Drugs. More links. WWW Access:

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